How to Make Cold Brew Coffee With an Easy Method

When the temperature rises when entering summertime in Singapore, making cold brew coffee is one of the reliefs to cool down the situation. However, there is a problem that often arises with iced coffee, if you don’t get the right mix, then you will end up tasting a cup of bitter coffee, and too watery because the ice is melting.

The cold brew coffee is an excellent problem, because you don’t need to have barista skills to make it, and you don’t need to put ice in for cool drinks. Curious about how it goes? We will tell you how the coffee shop Singapore makes cold brew coffee.

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee has a different way of the conventional way of how you brew coffee. If you see generally brew coffee beans with hot water and produce the coffee liquid, cold brew uses the opposite ways to use room temperature or cold water to extract the coffee liquid from coffee beans.

You will get less acidic and ultra-smooth coffee which is suitable for serving cold or with ice. You can add water for desired coffee strength.

Why Should You Use the Cold Brew Method?

The coffee shop Singapore has started to expand its cold brew menu and is getting more and more popular because of its silky texture and sweet flavor.

The cold brew will reduce the chances of people getting stomach issues because it has lower acidity than the regular brew. If you don’t like ice, cold brew coffee doesn’t need ice, but it can still be a great refreshing beverage on hot celebritylifecycle summer days.

What Do You Need For Cold Brew?

  • Coffee beans
  • Container
  • Strainer
  • Grinder
  • Cold water / cold room temperature
  • Optional additives

Steps to Make Cold Brew

We will teach the immersion method, although there is a drip method. The drip method requires space and more equipment, so it is not suitable if you want to do cold brew at home. A Singapore coffee shop would be more suitable for the drip method, but for you, we will tell you about the immersion method:

  1. Grind coffee beans with your grinder, as much as coffee beans you need, or purchase coffee grounds from any coffee shops
  2. Pour the coffee ground into the container
  3. Add cold water or room temperature water with a 1:4 ratio of ground coffee and water
  4. Cover the container and place it in the cold temperature for about 12 hours
  5. Get the container out from the fridge and use the coffee strainer to strain the coffee ground
  6. Serve the cold brew by pouring it into a cup and add any additives like milk, sugar, water, syrup, etc
  7. Place the rest in another container in the fridge and it can last for up to a week

Now you know about how coffee shop Singapore make cold brew coffee. The steep process must be 12 hours or more to ensure the coffee will be infused with water. If you want a bitter taste, you can increase the fridge time to 24 hours. Are you impatient to make it? Don’t forget to use the coffee ground to prevent over-extracted and having a muddy texture.

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