How to Buy a Used Car Well? Check the Condition of the Operating Fluids!

Why is it necessary to check the level and quality of the operating fluids while buying a used vehicle? How to check the engine oil, transmission oil, power steering, and coolant fluid level and condition?

According to online car service in Delhi, primary car care involves taking care of the appropriate level and quality of the operating fluids. The specification is also essential – proper servicing is only possible when fluids with parameters specified by the car manufacturers are used (such a thing applies in particular to engine oil).

Savings and omissions concerning regular replacement of operating fluids are the primary reason for the accelerated wear of several elements and various failures, often costly.

Issues with the timing chain, worn crank-piston system, failure of the variable valve timing system, seized turbocharger, damaged bushing – the reason behind such failures are usually low quality and too low engine oil level. Or the use of low-quality fuel with different parameters than recommended by the car manufacturer.

Engine overheating, corroded cooling system, burned-out gasket under the head, damaged heater, clogged radiator, clogged with limescale – these are the issues caused due to low level or incorrect coolant.

A damaged power steering pump is generally the result of the old fluid in the system.

Corroded brake calliper pistons are a recurring problem in cars where brake fluid has not been replaced frequently. Not to consider insecurity and low braking performance.

Old transmission fluid can cause accelerated wear of the gearbox – both manual and automatic. Moreover, here the repair costs are considerably high.

Even savings on washer fluid can bring severe damages. A scratched windshield is usually the result of wipers without moistening of the windows by the liquid.

A vehicle in which the owner saved money on replacing operating liquids or used fluids of lesser qualities (often one goes hand in hand with the others) will be the root cause of multiple problems and expenses for the new owner.

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This is the reason it is essential to check the operating fluid condition before purchasing a used car. This process can be performed at any reliable car service station in Delhi. A basic inspection of the level and state of the operating fluid can be easily performed independently during the first inspection of the selected car.

Checking the condition and quality of engine oil

What should it cover?

Firstly, start with checking the dashboard for warning lights and messages on the onboard computer screen. It will provide information regarding the oil level or that it needs to be replaced.

Inside the engine compartment, it is worth checking the information sheet informing about the last oil service. When was the last time the engine oil was replaced? What mileage? What oil was used – does it meet the specification of the car manufacturer? Was the brand-name oil from a famous manufacturer or the cheapest local oil used?

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Next, you need to check the oil level using a dipstick. It should be between min and max on the dipstick, the closer to the max level, the better.

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