Best Nightlife Activities in Toronto

Toronto is a city known for its wonder no matter how one might like to spend their time. For tourists, locals, and even those currently looking for their piece of Real Estate in Toronto alike, there’s plenty to do no matter the time of the day. There’s the obvious things, seeing a Leafs game, going to any number of the stellar local museums, and even more but what’s there to do once the sun goes down and even later into the night? 

For a city as impressive as Toronto, it should come as no surprise there’s plenty to put a smile on your face even as it gets late into the night and you are out exploring the city. Both those new to the city as well as those who’ve lived here their entire lives and are curious about what they might have missed, here’s some of the absolutely best ways to spend a night out in Toronto.

The CN Tower

The first thing anyone is going to spot out of the Toronto skyline is the CN Tower, so what better place to take in the city than from the top of the tower? It’s open until 10:30 PM so this is the perfect place to end an evening and for others, being the night owls, it’s going to be the best spot to take in the city and figure out what neighborhoods you’ll want to hit next. 

As long as you’re there early enough before close, you’ll be able dine at the 360 Restaurant so don’t feel like there’s the pressure to see the city from the top and have to head right out of the tower. For those who’ve never had the pleasure, the food matches the view so as either the start or end of your night out, having your dinner here is not something to pass up on.

Revue Movie Theater

If a show sounds like the perfect addition to your night out, don’t think your only options are what’s currently in modern theaters. While Revue Movie Theater is going to have the occasional showing of a current movie, the place is much more known for keeping the classics alive. From playing the hits of Hollywood’s golden era to even our favorite 80’s classics, guests will never know what might have a few showings here. 

The building itself is over a century old and Revue stands as Toronto’s oldest theater. It’s lived on as a community non-profit historical site since the early 2000s and is a perfect place to not only see the movies of yesterday but also as a way to relive the experience. 

Snakes & Lattes

Just because you are hoping for a game night doesn’t mean you have to host it at the house. Snakes & Lattes is the perfect experience for those looking for excitement but also the comfort that comes from playing board games with close friends and loved ones. Having lattes in the name might make one think that this is somewhere you’ll only be able to head to during the day but that’s not something you need to worry about. 

On Fridays and Saturdays they are open until 1 AM so this might just be perfect to try instead of heading to your usual wateringhole. There’s also a few locations within the city so there’s no worry of having to travel too far from your own neighborhood.

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