Types of Wage Theft -Learn Here!

Although finding a job that pays well might be challenging, you should still expect compensation for your time when you perform your job. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses that commit wage theft do not provide their employees with their due salary.

Employers may have various challenges due to wage theft, including difficulty affording rent, making debt payments, or paying for medical expenses. A crucial ethical and legal issue is wage theft. To make sure you are not a victim of pay theft, you might need to be aware of the following widespread type of wage fraud and contact a New York employment lawyer:

  •  No compensation for overtime

Employees who put in extra time will receive one and a half times their regular salary. Employees are compensated for their effort and time in this way, and they could even put in more overtime hours in the future. Some companies, however, choose to do this, which is a prevalent form of wage theft.

  •  A payment that is below the minimum

Employees are legally entitled to the minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Despite this, some firms may attempt to mislead new hires. If you discover that your employer is stealing from you, they are paying you less than the minimum wage.

  • Working erratically

It is possible that when you clock out, your employer will ask you to stay on the job. Because your employer requested you to clock out, they are probably deducting money from you even though. Ordinarily, this would result in overtime compensation. Asking you to labor without compensation during your lunch break is another method your employer is defrauding you of your wages.

  • Misclassification of workers

Every employee falls under a categorization that gives them access to particular perks or pays scales. You could discover that you have been incorrectly categorized, allowing your company to set a lower salary for you and forgo minimum wage and overtime.

  • Not collecting worker tips.

Tips make up a significant amount of income for many people. A percentage of the tips may be divided among the employees by certain companies that pool the tips. Some companies, however, will accept tips for their staff members or would take a share of the tips. Payroll theft can be implied here.

If it turns out that you have been the victim of wage theft, you may want to learn more about your legal alternatives to make sure you get paid for your time and labor.

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