Top Olympic Party Games for Teenagers

Party hosts have significant responsibility for the party. Entertain the guests can be pretty difficult for the host. Regardless of quality food and drinks, hosts need to provide more for the guests. To make a party exciting and to make you a perfect and engaging host, you can throw an Olympic themed party by inviting people to send cards or 먹튀검증 with the Olympic logo on them and maybe arrange a variety of games where at the end of the game, you can put a chocolate jar as a trophy for the winner. We shall now look at some ideas of games that would be perfect and easy to organize at a party.

Bouncing Basketball

The guests will be provided with about ten ping pong balls of different colors in a room with no carpeted floor with a bucket in the center of the circle so that the balls can bounce back and the players will stand forming a process where they will get a chance to toss the ball into the bucket. Players will have as many chances as the ball, which is ten, and gets one point for each successful throw into the bucket.

Balance Book

Another classic of a game is the balance book. A suitably considerable distance for about ten meters is marked on the floor with a colored tape or chalk where the players will walk the entire marked distance, trying to balance one book placed on the player’s head. A player is disqualified if the book drops or steps outside of the mark and gets the point if the player gets at the end of the pattern with the book still on their head and tries again with another reader. The game has an interesting scoring system. The player can take a maximum of three books at a time. If one can cross the mark with one book, they get one point. If they travel with two books, they will have 3 points, and if they intersect with three books, they will have 5 points.

Cool In The Pool

This game is a race with a twist in it. Here, a bucket full of pool toys is gathered and placed at one end of the field and is marked with tape, and the other end of the domain is marked as well. Players are supposed at the opposite end of the bucket and have to race towards the other end to win the bucket of toys. The players need to grab as many toys as they can from the bucket and run back at the starting line. They can not utilize their hands to hold the toys and run back to the starting line but can use their hands to take the toys out of the bucket. They will have a time limit of one minute to gather as many toys as they can. The players get points according to the number of toys they have gathered in a minute.

Such games are the life of the party. People don’t attend boring parties, and these games can make a party exciting and exciting.

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