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The rise of performance-based advertising Brandt Dainow


The web is constantly evolving, as we all know. It’s a changing environment because people are in the process of migrating from traditional media to online. This migration will not be total — people will still read books and watch TV – but the emphasis is changing. Print and broadcast media will become alternatives to the new mainstream – online.

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Halls of residence

We are passing significant markers in this migration right now. For example, people aged 17 to 25 now spend more time online than watching TV. I recently spoke to a friend whose son was starting university. He visited the student halls of residence and was surprised to see that none of the students had stereos or TVs in their rooms. When he asked about this the students laughed at him – why would they need those when they had computers and internet connections? To this younger generation the idea of a device that can only handle a single medium, and that isn’t connected to the web, is laughably archaic.

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It’s clear that we are evolving new ways of participating in society, new ways of communicating, and new ways of disseminating information. A key dynamic in this process is the transition of the print and broadcast advertising community on to the web. As this occurs, new models of advertising become possible. Henry Ford once said ‘I know only half of my advertising works. The problem is, I don’t know which half.’ The web solves this problem. The ability to record people’s behaviour online means advertising can be assessed in terms of the behaviour people exhibit after being exposed to an ad.

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