The Best Things to Do on Belle Isle Beach in Detroit

If you’re looking for a beach vacation in Michigan, look no further than Belle Isle Beach, which was recently declared a state park. The island was previously called Swan Island, but now boasts beautiful scenery and a variety of outdoor activities. It’s also an ideal place to celebrate family reunions, enjoy architecture, and dine at the many local food trucks. Here are some of the best things to do on the island.

If you’re traveling with children, there’s plenty to do at Belle Isle. The newest park is an eight-six-thousand-candle-power giant slide. Open from noon to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, the slide offers a fun and memorable family day out. During the summer, you can enjoy the ice cream truck that frequents the island.

A free attraction, the Belle Isle Nature Center features up-close views of Michigan wildlife and 1,000 fish, including blue crabs. The aquarium was designed by Albert Kahn and closed in 2005, but reopened in 2012. The water used at the aquarium is directly from the ocean, making it the most authentic place to see marine life. The nature center is open year-round, but on weekends the weather is less than ideal.

If you’re in the mood for a beach vacation, try Belle Isle. The island is close to the city, but is a complete respite. The island’s sandy beaches make it the perfect place to spend a day in the sun. In addition, food trucks and ice cream trucks frequently stop by. In addition, there are a variety of local restaurants in the area, and locals are happy to see a few of their favorite restaurants.

Visitors may also want to check out the Livingstone Lighthouse. It is the only marble lighthouse in the U.S. and boasts an eight-six-hundred-candle-power beacon. The Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse was built in 1941 and was vandalized in 1980. It is now secured by a fence and offers an outdoor picnic area. Its history is interesting and worth taking the time to explore.

In addition to its sandy beaches, Belle Isle has many other attractions. There are even restaurants that specialize in the food of the region. The Detroit Health Department monitors the beach to ensure it is safe and free of diseases. Aside from the beaches, Belle Isle also has plenty of parking and a restaurant. It also has an outdoor amphitheater that is open for events, including festivals. The park is open seven days a week, and the food trucks are frequent throughout the summer.

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There are many attractions on Belle Isle. There are a variety of museums and gardens that feature rare plants, animals, and other interesting elements. Visiting the museums and the aquarium will give you a great experience that you can’t get at any other part of the city. If you have kids, they will enjoy the playground and the nature center. A variety of other activities are available as well, including baseball games and tennis courts.

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