Phone Selling Techniques to Rapidly Improve Sales Calls

The sales reps often do cold phone calling to sell products to new leads. However, there are some challenges in doing sales calls through the phone. Like, having trouble setting appointments, not having enough good leads, or their technique is not refined to close deals.

Hence, it’s essential to know about some phone selling techniques that can help you improve your skills and let you meet your sales goals.

Let’s look at some of the best phone calling tips to help you meet your sales goal.

Take your phone calls to the next level

It’s great that you’re actively trying to reach out to new leads. However, does cold calling itself generate enough sales? Try to change your approach. Instead of directly cold calling leads, reach out to the prospects through a different medium and introduce yourself. Turning a cold lead into a warm one and then selling your product. 

To turn the lead into a warm one, you can research about them beforehand so that you can understand their needs and wants. After learning about them, you can communicate with them through email, LinkedIn messages – to introduce yourself before calling them.

This way, you can break the ice, and the conversation will not be awkward. You can provide value and make it more effective.

Use LinkedIn to gather leads contact number

LinkedIn is a widely popular social media platform to build networks, gather connections, and access different opportunities. 

It’s also a platform to learn more about the leads and prospects, figure out what kind of activities they engage in, and connect with them to know more about them. 

Since many people share their contact numbers on LinkedIn, you can connect with them, introduce yourself, engage with their posts and use the opportunity to ask them if they are willing to talk further about your product. 

While there are many ways to communicate with a lead, LinkedIn seems to be one of the cost-effective and easiest ways to reach out to prospects.

Call the prospects after they open up your email

Previously, we discussed how you could take your phone calling techniques to the next level. Now, you only need a little effort to turn a lead into a prospect successfully. 

While sending out introductory emails to your prospect, use email tracking software to track when the recipient opens your email. Then call them or figure out a suitable time, positively impacting them. 

Use a cold calling script

Many sales reps tend to get nervous while talking with the prospects. To avoid getting nervous and making mistakes, you can use a cold calling script

Of course, many don’t like to use a script since they fear it will sound like a scripted phone call. But the idea is to sound confident, not scripted, and keep you on track. With the use of script and regular practice, you would be able to improve your skills in no time. 

Before using your cold calling script, personalize it

There was an issue while we discussed using a cold calling script. Sounding scripted during a sales call doesn’t create a bad impression on prospects. However, it’s necessary to use a cold calling script so that you can be less nervous. But by personalizing your script, you can sound confident and not scripted at the same time.

You can personalize the cold calling script by using prospect’s information like name, title, company name, their pain-points, etc.,

Adding these unique points will show that you have done your homework and know what you’re talking about. 

Do your research before-hand

If you have enough team members, you can distribute the job and responsibilities so that they can be more efficient and their work is done in no time. 

For example, you can ask one sales rep to do a sales call and another to do the research work. This will help you be more efficient, and the sales rep will not delay the research work. 

Even though you have assigned another person to do the research, ensure that the research work is done beforehand and uploaded to your sales software so that sales calls can be done continuously.

This will increase productivity by completing 50-60 sales calls in an hour and generating more quality leads.


Doing sales phone calls can sound tough, but with the right tips and techniques, you can master them in no time. 

Since many sales reps find it difficult, you can make use of the opportunity to its fullest, reach out to the prospects and stand apart from the crowd by using these phone selling techniques.

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