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How to Develop a Coaching Philosophy


This is not a one-time process but an ongoing journey that requires frequent reflection and systematic updating. A coaching philosophy should always be a work in progress. Your philosophy has to be personalized to fit your experience, attitudes, values, and beliefs, but it must also fit with the norms of the society in which you live. If you’re coaching philosophy conflicts with society’s values, you are sure to invite problems. At the same time, you cannot simply acquire a philosophy by reading this book or adopting one from a coach you admire—or from any single source. It is something you develop out of varied experiences in your life, and it is useless unless you embrace and nurture it.

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Developing Self-Awareness

It is continually cultivated and refined to enable positive competitive experiences for your athletes. Developing a coaching philosophy requires you to develop clear awareness of what you value and to prioritize your competitive objectives based on those values. To understand what your coaching philosophy should be, you need to know yourself. Self-awareness will heighten the speed and success at which you and your athletes learn and perform the skills discussed in this book. In addition, the philosophy you develop will give you direction as you implement these mental skills.

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You already have a philosophy about life and probably about coaching. Your philosophy may or may not be well developed. You may be conscious of your perspective on life, or it may reside more at an unconscious level. Even if you have a well-developed philosophy, remember that it is a work in progress and that it should be continually modified throughout your career. We recommend that you enhance self-awareness related to your philosophy in two ways. First, think about your values and monitor your thoughts and actions regularly.

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