Freelancing Tools That Help You With Your A-Game 

Technology has brought a huge change to the working force, giving rise to the freelancing industry. Now, people are more interested in flexible working hours, being their own boss and above all freelancing provides you with huge opportunities as it helps you network with people from all over the globe. As the number of freelancers is increasing day by day, there are several tools available on the internet that help freelancers enjoy flexible work schedules, convert PDF to Word online, manage schedules, communicate, and a lot more. And here are some of the tools that you cannot miss out on as a freelancer. 


Keeping an email list is beneficial for retaining old customers and also to look out for new clients. You could showcase your relevant skills by sending a newsletter and also share your work portfolio with existing as well as new clients. bolly2tollyblog Introduce yourself as a subject matter expert. For this, Mailchimp is really helpful; especially, if you do not want an HTML code to work with. This tool has different types of plans according to requirements, you could also take advantage of the free version.

There are several good reasons why 866 Spectrum is one of the most recognized and preferred providers in the United States.


This is another crucial tool that helps you reach out to both existing and new clients. Using this tool, you would be able to promote your portfolio. Again, if you need some kind of inspiration or motivation, then this tool would be really helpful. You could go for either the pro plan or the pro-business plan. With the pro-business plan, you would be able to find work through different freelance projects found onboard. 


OfficeTime is a helpful tool when you are trying to maintain your schedule, and track time as well as want a tool that would look after the expense part too. Instead of paying a monthly fee like other tools, you have to buy this app by paying a one-time amount. You could also make it compatible with your Apple calendar and enter meeting dates. This software is compatible with iPhones, iPad, Mac as well as PC ofilmywapcom


Oftentimes, you would come across some videos that seem helpful to you, but you might not have enough time to watch them. Pocket helps you save all the Ted Talks as well as educational videos so that you could watch them later. If you are a freelancer, you must know about this tool. 

Wrapping up, whether it is edit PDF or trying to interact with clients, there are several tools that make life as a freelancer a lot easier. 

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