Developing a Positive Coaching Philosophy


The word philosophy turns many people off, and we certainly used to be in that category. What could be more impractical than philosophy, especially for eminently practical people like coaches? But the more we’ve learned about philosophy, the more we understand that nothing is as practical as a well-developed philosophy, both for competition and for life. Our philosophy guides us every day. It helps us interpret the events in our lives, and it gives direction to how we live each day. Buy RDP From reliable sites.

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Some effective rules

To develop a coaching philosophy, you will need to prioritize what’s most important to you. Life and competition are full of choices. Some are easy, such as what play to call or what defense to run, but others can be extremely difficult, such as whether to discipline players who are breaking training rules—or whether to cheat and win, or follow the rules and lose. Most of us handle the easy choices in life with little problem, but the difficult decisions can test our character. When you develop a coaching philosophy, you decide what is important so that you can make the right decisions.

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In Conclusion

Most of us find that we make better decisions when we take time to think through problems in a thorough, relaxed, and thoughtful fashion rather than reacting in the heat of the moment. Thus we can make systematic decisions that are based on facts and sound reasoning rather than knee-jerk reactions driven more by emotions than logic.

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The fast-paced action during practice and competition often doesn’t lend itself to thoughtful decision making. That’s why you need to take time away from your sport to develop your philosophy. Then it will be ready when you need it—ready to help you make split-second decisions that you can live with and feel good about later on.

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