Best Tools That Every Graphic Designer Needs

If you are a graphic designer, you need various tools that will make the design process easier for you. The work of a graphic designer includes creating amazing graphics and refining them before sending them for approval. And to do these days to day tasks seamlessly, a graphic designer can use the following tools – 


Filestage is an online review platform which graphic designers can use to put their designs under the review process. Using this tool graphic designers can get on board with different stakeholders and collaborate with them to improve the graphics to meet the expectations of the client. This tool allows a designer to work on different file types such as images and PDFs. It also has a dedicated to-do list which everyone can use and keep themselves posted about the project.  

Adobe Illustrator 

This tool can be used to create 2D and 3D graphics and edit them with ease. Adobe illustrator gets regular updates such as new fonts, easier image cropping options, stability improvements, improved user experience and faster documentation of designs. These features make it one of the handiest and most accessible tools for graphic designers. 


PDFSimpli helps graphic designers resize PDF of their designs before emailing them for approval. This is the best PDF compressor online that you can find for your day-to-day work. Furthermore, it also allows you to edit your PDF and add markup and comments to it. In addition to these amazing features, it can also be used to convert files of different formats into PDFs and merge them into one.   


Every graphic designer wants to have an online photo editor which can help them with creating high-quality content and PicsArt is the perfect option. It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which is free. Furthermore, it has an AI-powered background-removing feature which helps graphic designers remove backgrounds from logos and other images before adding them to their design. In addition to it, you will also get to add different designs and effects to your design to make it look more appealing. 


Apart from all these tools, you can find a lot of design tools such as Fotor and Canva which also provide you with templates which can help you design graphics that fits perfectly on different platforms. Furthermore, before choosing a tool for you ensure that it provides cloud storage enabling you to access your design gallery from all of your devices. 

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