Arranging a comprehensive 1st birthday party for your baby

Arranging that first party for your baby is both exciting and challenging because you don’t know what they will like and what they will not. But that does not mean that you will shy away from throwing a grand bash for your kid. If you follow certain steps, you will be able to give your child the bash they have been looking forward to.

The 1st birthday celebration is one that is much more for loved ones of the birthday boy or girl than it is for the celebrants themselves. Your child’s 1st birthday will be a special time for you to remember for the rest of your life, but the truth is that your child will be just as happy with the boxes presents come in then the presents themselves.

Venue: If it is just a get-together with family and friends, you might want to consider hosting it at your home. If the weather is favourable, you can also host the event in your garden.

Decorations: No one wants to attend a drab and boring event that is not even decorated. Babies usually like colourful objects especially if it is of their favourite cartoons. The best option would be to fix a theme and according to that, decorate the venue. You will get several decoration props in gift shops, or you can prepare something yourself also.

Entertainment: Little babies don’t need much entertainment; just letting them be with other kids is enough. It’s the other adult guests that will need some entertainment to pass their time. Hire a magician or arrange certain activities which they will enjoy and will keep themselves occupied.

Gifts: Do not go overboard by giving your child an extravagantly expensive gift because they will want more the next time. Also, arrange some return gifts for the guests. In fact, this is a great time to ask your guests to make a donation in your child’s name in lieu of presents or to ask for necessities. Of course a few keepsake items are always nice as well. The guest list is best kept to close friends and family members. Children this age are often most comfortable with people they know really well, and have not yet developed more advanced socialization skills. Of course those closest to your baby will want to be present if they can.

Menu: The menu really does not matter that much as long as it is something relatively simple and easy to clean up afterwards. Organise a variety of dishes like sandwiches, wraps, cocktails, sausages, salads, fruit bowls and pizzas. Also, keep something aside for desserts. It does not have to always be a catered affair as you can cook everything yourself. Think of easy to make food items and cuisines. That way you do not have to spend all of your time cooking while your guests and your baby are enjoying the party. Simple finger foods you know your child will enjoy and whatever you want to serve your guests should complete the 1st birthday menu.

Cake: Obviously, the cake is the most important element in every event. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; just a big, colourful cake will be enough. Also, make sure they are tasty otherwise what would be the point of ordering a cake?

Most people do like to order cake online Chennai for guests and a small cake for the child, so they can take advantage of the photo opportunity that presents itself when the child is playing with the 1st birthday cake for baby girl or baby boy. You can also plan to order a special themed cake made. However, children who are of the age 1 will focus more on the taste rather than the design of the cake!

So, now that you know the quick hacks and the basics of planning a party for your baby who is turning 1 year old, go ahead and execute the party on their behalf. Capture as many memories as you please and make your baby’s first ever birthday celebration captivating for everyone who turns up!

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