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Accessibility starts with the design of a web site. If the text is too small, or if there is poor color contrast, then it can be hard for able-bodied people in full health to use, let alone those who may have sight difficulties. Building these kinds of design elements to be accessible has the benefit of helping everyone. Even those with perfect sight who may be fine with something that a partially sighted person struggles with can benefit if a design is reworked to be readable to all audience.

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This type of accessibility is more than just helping out those with specific disabilities. It is natural for eyesight to deteriorate with age, and even a person with normal sight who is older may struggle with something a younger person finds acceptable. This problem is often confounded by the fact that development teams are often relatively young, as we remain a young industry in general, so these issues are often missed. Going further, the lines of accessibility, usability, and user experience can start to blur. For example, people who have dyslexia or learning difficulties can find dense text hard to follow.Read more about Tamilmv

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The appropriate use of headings, which should serve to suggest the hierarchy of information, can make a page usable by these audiences, as well as benefiting other users by making it easy to scan a page to find specific content. This kind of accessible development is done in the design stage, often before a developer is involved. However, the end result of a development process is always everyone’s responsibility, and catching accessibility issues early can make them much easier to correct.

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